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Monitoring & Automation

Monitoring & Automation

Supporting heterogenous networks of sensors and actuators

Covering systems ranging from Intelligent Building Management Systems to Traffic and Ecosystems Monitorization and Control.

Our i4PLC platform provides support for heterogeneous systems, enabling the integration of different automation protocols under the same system, including CCTV and telecommunication platforms.

'Internet of Things' - IoT

Embedded Systems

SoC and Embedded Systems

The miniaturization and integration of complex system in a single chip (SoC) have enabled the integration of computation and communication capabilities into everyday appliances. Digital controllers and sensors are found everywhere around us, be it cars, home appliances, gaming consoles or smart phones, environmental monitoring systems, industrial installations and more.

We developed a software platform that can be installed on a large variety of these systems providing a scalable and highly configurable array of services. It is already FI-WARE and HYPER/CAT enabled, allowing it to act as an IoT object or to behave as a gateway allowing other devices to became FI-WARE or HYPER/CAT listed objects.

Personalised Solutions

Personalised Solutions

An exact fit to your needs

We are able to provide a wide range of systems, from prototype and proof-of-concept to large scale production.

  • From off-the-shelf components to custom made electronic boards;
  • From standard UI to bespoke designs;
  • From mobile devices to cloud computing;
  • From standard industrial enclosures to custom designed.

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