R&D: We are developing the new generation PLC "Industry 4.0" ready!

PLC systems are generically used in demanding industrial settings where robust and reliable electronic control is necessary. PLCs provides an industry proven and widely accepted process control system. However traditional PLC systems lack the flexibility to adapt to new intelligent manufacturing paradigms.

We are developing a new product - i4PLC - to overcome the above limitation of the current PLC systems. The i4PLC provides a wide level of interoperability between devices and services and act as a gateway between devices which are using different communication protocols.

It offers a common platform for integrating these heterogeneous devices which are originally not designed to be a part of an intelligent networked environment. i4PLC also offers remote monitoring and cloud management services that allows the integration of different appliances on the same control and management network, allowing these devices to be monitored and controlled remotely in a secure and reliable manner.

The European Commission is pushing a Pan-European effort to enable the IoT. FI-WARE is the European proposition for the Future Internet standard. We developed a FI-WARE broker within our i4PLC platform allowing it to behave as a gateway for non-compliant devices.

With i4PLC, we repurpose the main features of our SGW platform so that it can be seamlessly integrated into well-established industrial automation systems, enabling the implementation of the vision of the future internet (IoT).

We propose a cyber-physical system that can be integrated into the already well-established PLC systems, combining the versatility and interoperability provided by our SmartGateway platform. - SmartGateways LTD

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